Weddiness WordPress Theme

Weddiness Theme is offered for customers who want to create a practical site with a gallery. Skin has a choice of three configurations gallery. Theme is available in five colors. Using a peel is very simple and transparent. Data should be very easily and quickly. It is possible to rebuild and adapt to your skins needs. There are SEO options to help position the page to the desired phrase in the Google search engine. The offer is also addressed to people who want to create a nice and transparent portfolio.


Awesome Features

Perpetual Updates Themes

Theme is based on WordPress. This CMS is really ergonomic and gives you almost unlimited possibilities. Our themes are updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. Thanks to this, your website will work without any problem using the latest web solutions. As our client, you get free upgrades to the next versions, so that the website will work well, using the latest technologies.

Secure and Valid Code

Themes are created according to the rules described in the W3C. This allows to maintain high standard of the code and its proper operation. All new changes introduced by the W3C are thoroughly analyzed. After making sure that the change will benefit, it is officially attached to the W3C standard. The organization includes 400 companies, organizations and universities. The website created according to the W3C standards is modern and trouble-free.

Browser Compatibility

Since the website looks differently in different browsers, it is necessary to adapt a site to each of them. All our themes are adapted to the most popular browsers, so that everyone can benefit from the full potential of the site, regardless of the used browser. This eliminates the problem with the websites created for one type of browsers, when customers who have a different type of browsers do not have the full functionality of the site or it is not displayed correctly.


Theme Options

The ePanel is the main configuration tool, so you can easily change the basic elements in the theme, such as its color, slider or menu. It is possible to completely change the appearance of the homepage in simple way. You can also easily modify something in the advanced CSS features. For example, there is the ability to write and add CSS code in the panel. Customizing the site to your needs is easy and comfortable. In addition, the ePanel is integrated with WordPress.


Mobile Devices

Nowadays, web browsing is not limited only to the computer. Thus, our themes are adapted to the mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Regardless of how you visit the sites, you can be sure that you will be able to see its content. The created site is ergonomic not only on the PC screen, but also, for example, on your smartphone display.


Page Templates

We have created templates to improve quick creation of the website while maintaining a high level of performance. You can quickly create a ready-made gallery, a page with contact information and links to social networking sites or a map with business location. We also created another templates to facilitate the introduction and presentation of the information. Creating a complex website has never been so easy as now.